directed by Tom Homer

It is the storytelling aspect of film that interests me the most, and nearly all of my projects over the last two years of the course have told some sort of narrative. I was hoping that for my FMP this year I would be able to take all the things I'd learned and make a short film that mixed comedy and suspense - in the style of someone like Martin McDonagh, the writer and director of 'In Bruges' and 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.'


I had written several drafts of the script for my proposed Final Major Project during the Script & Screen assignment - and even filmed a rough version of it to test with audiences and as a proof-of-concept, whilst I focused my Specialist Study project on Hitchcock and crafting cinematic tension through sound and editing, and whilst both of those pieces were useful practice and led to some positive outcomes, I do not feel that they are as polished as some of my earlier work - by virtue of being deliberately made as trial runs for my Final Major Project.


So the film that is being screened on this site is my Final Major Project from last year, a narrative piece about grieving and hope, that uses a non-linear approach to storytelling and is as inspired by poetic documentaries and music videos as it is by traditional cinema. One of the things that was very important to me when I made this piece was that we shot in the right locations at the right times, which meant lots of early mornings and late nights, but led to the film really capturing the locations and light in the way that I had hoped. My lecturer suggested the title for the film, working from the name of the track that I used for the soundtrack... but I am not sure that it was the right choice! Either way, I hope that you enjoy the film.

Shot on Canon 60D and edited with Adobe Premiere

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