directed by Issey Summers

I made this short fashion film as part of the Specialist Study assignment, after looking at how fashion influences film and film, in turn, informs fashion. I was also interested in the crossover between art and experimental work and that of fashion and commercial media, so I researched many of the fashion films of more avant-garde and creative fashion houses.  


What I ended up with is this piece! A short film that features footage shot both on location and in the TV Studio, one that uses split-screen and is in colour and in black and white - as well as having an intense focus on textures and symbolic iconography, and not just on a model, with the intention that I could draw parallels between the styles and fabric used by a particular fashion house (Anaak) through the wider world of ideas. One of my main inspirations for this work came from a short campaign film for Anaak titled 'SS16 - Escape’, I felt that it was very beautifully put together, using split screen and changes in framing alongside both black and white and colour work, and it was an aesthetic that I was very keen to try and emulate to see if I could inject that style into my own media work.

Big thanks go to Sandra, our Art Technician, who helped me source some of the more out-there props(!), and to my model Maisie who took a break from her own coursework to help me out. 

I was hoping to expand on this piece for my FMP, making a series of campaign films in a similar sort of style - and also embracing some of the other methods fashion is communicated, through print, photography and the moving image.

Shot on Canon 60D and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

ISSEY 05.jpg
ISSEY 02.jpg