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directed by Raff Brodie

'JOHNNY' is an idea for a film that I have had for a while now. It is an idea that I have really wanted to develop, for the simple fact that it is entirely out of my comfort zone; the Script & Screen assignment afforded me the opportunity to experiment with these ideas.


My previous work has very much been composition based,  revolving around visuals more than narrative.This is something I wanted to focus on less within this project, instead setting my sights on story development, character interaction and the emotion I could endeavour to portray with that. I wanted to go with this idea because it had the potential to allow me create a piece that is nothing like any films I’ve made before. 


I hoped that the sound track itself would be a breath of fresh air. I usually go down the root of rap or alt-pop, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that at all with this film, as it would not be in keeping with the characters and mood. Instead I used short bursts of rock music, indie and up-beat folk, hoping that this soundtrack would complement the narrative and lend humour and energy to the certain sequences.


I wanted there to be an element of foreshadowing, via the use of a slight non-linearity to the narrative, this allowed me to develop my skills in screenwriting, as I had to write and re-write several drafts to get the story to flow successfully - and for the script to effectively communicate my ideas for certain visual elements.


For my FMP, I was planning to further my skills in storytelling, working on a piece that contained the same sort of style and humour as this film that I made for our Script & Screen assignment. 


Shot on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and a Sony A7, with some shots achieved using a DJI Phantom drone, edited with Adobe Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects