directed by Lee Atkins

For our Specialist Study assignment we had to look at the work of either a filmmaker, movement or genre, and then try and create our own piece in that/their style. I studied the director Edgar Wright, known for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver, a filmmaker known for the distinctiveness of his visual style and the trademark humour and pathos of his works.

I was very inspired by Wright's use of quick montages and repetition, which is something I tried to include in my own piece, as well as tying it to a narrative that many people can relate to - telling the story of a man whose life is in a perpetual routine where nothing changes and nothing happens. As time goes by, the days go by quicker as told through the editing of the various daily tasks, like working behind the till at the shop, having a drink at the pub, going to sleep, before waking up to do it all again. My intention was to make each day appear shorter by increasing the use of extreme close-up shots for the main characters tasks and speeding up the edit, but during the editing process I realised that each day needed to run at almost the same length for the weight of the whole week was felt by the audience.

In the past I have often made pieces that try and tell too big a story in too short a time, and the lessons I learned in this assignment - to create a narrative that was suited to such a small timeframe as a short film - were things I intended to develop further in my Final Major Project.

Shot on Canon 700D and edited in Adobe Premiere.

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