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directed by Ash James

For my Specialist Study project, I originally intended to create a four minute short film telling the story of someone who is obsessed with True Crime, and, to test her skills, buys into an online game called 'Hunt a Killer', but she would have soon realised that the case she had been sent was very much real - and she would have had to solve it and bring the killer to justice, in order to bring hope to a family who have lost everything.


I aimed to have this film closely follow Joseph Campbell’s theory of The Hero’s Journey and Todorov’s narrative theory, that I studied for my essay, but due to external issues outside of college, I was unable to complete my intended project. I did however produce my contingency plan for the Specialist Study assignment, which is the film you can watch on this page. This piece also takes its inspiration from True Crime, but is more of an abstract documentary than a fully fictional short film.

I wrote the script for this contingency plan whilst preparing for my original idea, as I have learned that things can often go wrong where filmmaking is concerned. The script uses information about missing people in the UK, which I learned about through my research, and the final film features footage I filmed in various locations around Dorset. I shot at night as I wanted to capture an atmospheric and moody atmosphere, and I deliberately kept visuals at a low resolution, so that the edited piece would feel similar to archive film and CCTV footage. I am particularly pleased with the lights and colours I have been able to capture, with some feeling, I think, like the splashes of colour thrown by a police car with its lights and sirens on.

For my Final Major Project I was planning on creating the film I had originally intended to make for this project!


Shot on a Canon 700D​ and edited with Adobe Premiere.