directed by Jack Collins

I made this short film for the Specialist Study assignment, having really enjoyed making a narrative piece during the Script & Screen assignment and keen to do more stuff with storytelling.


I studied Psychological Thrillers for the research element of the brief, looking at films such as 'The Prestige' and at filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock. I was interested to see if I could achieve the same sort of tension found in those films, using camerawork and plot devices to create a sense of suspense and mystery. The pieces I have made in the past tended to be all about being a teenager and the usual stories that we associate with being that age, so I wanted to do something that was a real change from that.


I tried to utilise atmospheric shots, music and sound effects - and a lack of dialogue - to tell the story of a man named Garry, who is in pursuit of his uncle in revenge for her abuse of him as a child. The reasons behind his stalking I conveyed in flashbacks. I was pleased with how some of the sequences ended up looking and feeling, particularly the flashbacks and some of the scenes where the character of the uncle is being followed, however there are some elements that did not work out quite as I intended them too - being more funny than shocking, but overall I am happy with how this project turned out.


For my Final Major Project I was thinking of making another short narrative piece, using the skills I had picked up making this film and the film I made before it: 'Regret'.

Shot on Canon 60D and Canon 700D, and edited with Adobe Premiere

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JACK 02.jpg