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directed by Vicky Rogers

My idea for this piece came from looking at the work of two artists in particular, the photographer Dennis Auburn and the filmmaker-slash-fashion-photographer Chloe Sheppard, as well as springing from my desire to create a piece entirely within the studio, rather than on location as I had always done before. I felt this would give me much more control over the lighting, as well as providing me with the challenge of set dressing and production design within the studio's constraints.

The piece does not have a narrative in the traditional sense, but it does flow in a linear fashion, however I intended the final platform for this film to be in an art gallery rather than screened via more traditional approaches; the crossover between art and film and fashion and film is something that has always interested me, and many of my pieces are experiments to this end.


Essentially this film is an experimental film about a teenage girl who throws a birthday party, however, when none of her friends show up or respond to her, she has a tantrum, but I think it is also about preconceptions and preconceived roles - and about that hinterland that exists between childhood and adulthood. The aesthetic of the film was always going to be very pink and sparkly, to seem, on the surface, both pretty and tacky, whilst the content mirrors that by being equal parts cute and unpleasant. For example, the scene where the girl sticks candles in the cake, then changes her mind and smashes up the cake with her bare hands. You can watch how I made R.S.V.P in the video below. 

This is the film that I am most proud of making during the course, and for my Final Major Project I intended to make another film - or films - that felt like they were part of the same universe as this one.

Shot in the TV Studio on Canon 60D, and edited in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects​