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directed by Nick Adams

I'm really interested in cinematography, so I have used the assignments we have had this year to keep building my skills in this area and learning as much as I can.


The Specialist Study project enabled me to look at one cinematographer in detail and then to create work that was influenced by my research and the cinematographer's style. I focused on Emmanuel Lubezki - a cinematographer who has worked on such films as 'The Revenant', 'Gravity', 'Children of Men' and 'The Tree of Life' - and I devoted a lot of time to watching these films and looking for the stylistic traits of this cinematographer.


Lubezki often employs handheld camerawork and films with only natural light, in order, he says, to bring a sense of immediacy and realism to the films he's working on, often these films are interested in nature and landscape as well, so when I set out to create this piece I knew that scenery and lighting was going to be crucial. There is not a set narrative to my film 'Silk Roads', but I did not want my work for this assignment to just be a cinematography showreel, so I did craft a sequence of events based around the locations and the two performers that I used, one that allowed me to employ some of the tricks and styles of Lubezki, whilst also, I hope, creating something which evidences my own creative voice as well.

For my FMP I planned to return to the screenplay I wrote in an earlier project and combine that with all the things I learned during the Specialist Study assignment, with the aim of creating a short film that communicated its story almost entirely visually.


Shot on Canon 60D and Canon 700D, and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects​