directed by Joe Rogers

This film is about someone who buys a new TV that slowly takes over their mind; I was influenced by the work of David Lynch and David Cronenberg, particularly the films Eraserhead and Videodrome. 


This piece sprang from the Script & Screen assignment, where we had to develop ideas for short narrative pieces. I had originally intended to create a film about a character who has another face on the back of their head - and the conflict between two sides of the same person, but due to worries about feasibility and VFX, I instead developed this story - 'The Box' - saving the other idea for my Final Major Project. 


I always imagined this film would be in black and white, but I shot the whole piece in colour, so that I would have the option of changing my mind later - however, once in the edit, it became clear that the film was much more effective in black and white (and darkened heavily as well), as this made the piece seem much more claustrophobic and intense, it also meant that I could keep the visual focus of the film centred entirely around the main character and the TV. Due to the shoot taking place over Christmas, and then needing some subsequent re-shoots, we had to keep our Christmas tree and decorations up for quite a long time after New Year, whilst my brother - who played the main part - had to endure having the same horrible make-up poured down his face many times!

I hope that you enjoy the film.

Shot on a Canon 60D and edited in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

JOE 05.jpg
JOE 06.jpg