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directed by Megan Coutanche

I made this film for the Script & Screen project, which asked us to write a screenplay and then adapt it into a film. Most of my previous projects had been Music Videos and I knew that I wanted this piece to feature music heavily as well, so early in the assignment I decided on setting my film primarily in a record shop.


Originally I had hoped to set the film in the 1970s, so that I could experiment with period costume and production design, but it was too much of a challenge to find everything that I would need - so in the end I set the film now, but tried to keep the colours and styles that would have suited a piece set in the late 1970s. 

I was inspired by the director Wes Anderson, and in particular his film 'Moonrise Kingdom', which features a short sequence that comprises the two main characters writing a series of letters to each other, a devise I chose to borrow for my own script, where the two central characters leave a series of notes for each other inside the sleeves of albums in the record shop. I was lucky enough to be able to film inside Phil's Vinyl Vault in Weymouth, which meant I had access to the prefect location, but to make sure we would not disturb customers and could light the location properly, we had to film on Boxing Day when the shop is normally closed!

I was going to expand upon this idea for my Final Major Project, although changing it to be set in the 1980s. I had already sourced locations, props and costumes to make sure it was as accurate to the period as possible.

Shot on Canon 60D and BMPCC, edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. ​