directed by Spike Armstrong

I made this for the Specialist Study assignment, a project that asked us to make a piece based around contextual research, looking at a genre or a filmmaker or other creative, and then producing work that was directly inspired by that research. I wanted to create something that allowed me to experiment with studio lighting and camera equipment I hadn't used before - such as the track and dolly; it was also an opportunity to film using the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, which I had only done on one occasion before, and with lenses that allow me to achieve some different looks. 


I researched some of the more unusual fashion filmmakers out there, and was surprised to see quite a few of them blurring the line between beauty and horror, with many of the films containing imagery and ideas that were both grotesque and disturbing, whilst being shot in a way that made these things seem glamorous - and featuring models that were often at odds with all the ugliness of the action and the atmosphere. With this in mind I developed a piece based around ideas of insanity and institutionalisation, as well as restraints, austerity and criminality - I was fortunate(?!) enough to have access to a genuine Victorian straight-jacket, and so I used this alongside some stark lighting to try and capture the mood I was aiming for.

This piece was very much designed to be work where I could test ideas for my Final Major Project, which I planned would include some of the lighting effects and camerawork of this film, but married to one of the three screenplays I developed for the Script & Screen assignment.

Shot in the TV Studio on BMPCC, edited with Adobe Premiere and Da Vinci Resolve

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SPIKE 05.jpg